Play Time for your 4 Months Baby

Who might have felt that in these couple of months she could develop into this little individual? She’s turning out to be more and more social every day, and play time just shows signs of improvement. Here’s the way to get the most out of play time with your Four-Month-Baby.

Offer a toy

Give her a toy that rattles or makes distinct noises sounds and watch her response when she grabs it. Toys that help her to find out different senses are both educational and magical to a baby.

Go for a Game

Air bubbles are fascinating to babies. Blow them around your child and she’ll be perpetually entertained.

Set up a play-date

Invite one or two mum friend’s over

who have babies around the same age. Put your Baby on the floor alongside a couple toys and watch what happens. You’ll cherish watching your Baby hang out with her new friends, and you could make a couple of friends yourself.

Playing with your Baby and making a fun and active environment is fundamental to early childhood development. Keep your baby active and you’ll raise a happy, healthy and lovable baby.

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