First Prenatal Checkup Questions

Your first checkup is nearly over, and your practitioner asks, “whatever else you’d like to recognize?” here’s your hazard to whip out the checklist. Consider, absolute confidence is just too stupid… So ask away! These should get you started:

  • How a great deal weight must i advantage, and at what charge?
  • Do i’ve an expanded risk of any precise headaches or conditions?
  • What screenings do i want?
  • What type of weight loss plan have to i follow? What must i eat and drink plenty of, and what need to i keep away from?
  • Ought to i be doing any particular sort of exercise? What kind and amount is safe?
  • Are there any restrictions on sex for the duration of my being pregnant?
  • Can i… dye my hair? Use sunless tanner? Get a massage? Paint my nails? Visit the spa? Are there another sports i should avoid?
  • What over-the-counter medications are secure, and in what quantity? Are there any i need to keep away from?
  • Are the prescription medicines i’m currently taking safe? If now not, what can                       i take or do alternatively?
  • What prenatal diet do you recommend?
  • Which prenatal classes do you advise?
  • What role need to i sleep in?
  • What signs and symptoms should i expect, and how am i able to control them? What’s everyday, and what should i call you approximately?
  • What have to i do if i… don’t sense nicely? Cramp? Spot? Have a fever? While ought to i name you?
  • When labor starts offevolved, at what factor need to i name you?
  • When’s an amazing time to call you with questions? Who ought to i name in case you aren’t available?

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